International Day of Prayer (IDOP)

3 November 2019

The most common request of persecuted Christians is “PRAY FOR US.”

One of the ways we answer their request is through participation on the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (IDOP), which we observe on the first Sunday of November each year.

We urge Christians worldwide to pray throughout the year for those who suffer because of their Christian witness.

Each year VOM produces an IDOP Resource Kit which includes marketing materials, prayer points via a PowerPoint presentation and a video. This year’s video focuses on North Korea.

In North Korea, if discovered, Christians are sent to concentration camps, where they are starved, overworked and tortured. North Koreans have a saying: Whenever two or three people are gathered together, one of them is a spy. This is true even in family settings, as children are taught to spy on their parents from a young age. Therefore, North Korean Christians must be extremely careful in what they say, what they do and how they pray; all must be done in secret. When a Christian is discovered, the government punishes the entire family. Despite the threat of persecution and heavy social pressure, Christians in North Korea hold firmly to their faith.

This video can be used during a church service, small-group meeting or Sunday school class to inform and encourage believers to pray.

On 3 November, share this video with your church to help inspire every Christian to pray for our persecuted family.

Download additional resources to help you observe International Day of Prayer in your church.

CLICK HERE to download the A3 poster print file

CLICK HERE to download the A5 flyer print file

CLICK HERE to download the PowerPoint Presentation

CLICK HERE to download the video

2020 Prayer Calendar

This special calendar is filled with photos which highlight God’s work in the persecuted church around the world. Use it as a reminder to pray regularly for your brothers and sisters in Christ. With monthly prayer points and space to mark your own appointments each day, this calendar is ideal for home or office use.