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 “I am a simple man, and without prayer I am nothing.” – Suta

Will you pray?

“Why did you come to this village to share about Jesus?” the men shouted. “We are a Hindu village, and we don’t want to become Christian. We don’t want to see you again.”

Watch the dramatic retelling of Suta’s story and see how Suta’s obedience to God in returning to the village changes not only his life but also the life of the man who hated him most.

Suta’s Story – suitable for mature audiences

Suta’s Story – suitable for youth


Join Christians around the world in a day dedicated to praying earnestly for persecuted Christians. Invite your friends, small group and church to join you as you pray.

Pray for the persecuted. Pray for the persecutors.

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Suta Video for mature audiences (right click to save)

Youth Resources
Youth PowerPoint Presentation
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Suta Video suitable for youth (right click to save)

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