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INDONESIA: Mob Attack Forces Church to Host Services Online

In the early morning of 16 September, a mob consisting of approximately 50 people had gathered at the front gate of the Maranatha Chapel in Depok City. Mob members angrily banged on the gate while sho...


INDONESIA: Mob Damages Church Building

The Pentecostal Missionary Church in Kabil Village, Indonesia, was recently destroyed by a radical mob that was protesting its construction in a majority-Muslim area. Church Pastor Jacksean Napitup...


INDONESIA: Residents Attempt to Shut Down Worship Service

Residents of Bekasi, Indonesia, attempted to disband a Christian worship service in their neighbourhood. In...


INDONESIA: Charge Reduced for Official Who Stopped Service

On 18 February, a local village official forced his way into a church service in the Indonesian village of Rajabasa Jaya and demanded that the Christians stop worshipping immediately. He claimed that ...


INDONESIA: Sharing the Gospel on the Front-lines

For more than two decades, a mission training school has been holding classes in evangelism and church planting. Through the work of the graduates, many churches have been planted. This year, 20 st...


INDONESIA: Two Christians Arrested

A Christian evangelist, Arif, was arrested earlier this month. He will be investigated for his role in ‘enticing’ Muslims to convert to another religion and harming the Muslim community. Arif, a m...


INDONESIA: Church Building Sealed

The process of establishing and leading a church in Indonesia can be onerous, particularly in areas controlled by militant Islamic groups or where there are few Christians.

INDONESIA From the Field – Pray for Kace, a Prisoner for Christ


INDONESIA: From the Field – Pray for Kace, a Prisoner for Christ

Muhammad Kace is a 56-year-old father of two and a grandfather to four grandchildren. He is a Christian YouTuber who was sentenced to prison in Indonesia, the country with the highest Muslim popula...

INDONESIA Official Stops Church Service


INDONESIA: Official Stops Church Service

A local village official in Indonesia stopped a church service on 19 February, demanding that the church discontinue meeting. While members of the Tabernacle of David Christian...