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LAOS: Christian brother insulted for choosing Christ.

BoonTaWong came to Christ because he wanted a changed life like he saw in other Christians. That decision brought the attention of the main religious leader of his community, who began to threaten and...


LAOS: Christian’s Land, Livelihood at Stake

Before Khamphone became a Christian, he was a respected fortune-teller. He often helped villagers, including village elders and police officers, by consulting the spirits, and for this, he was rewarde...


LAOS: Sisters Resist Family Persecution

Ton, 18, and Tan, 16, are sisters who became Christians and have been harassed repeatedly for this decision. Recently, their mother said that she would sell her daughters to any man who makes an of...


LAOS: Teacher’s Faithful Witness Leads to Job Loss

Nyok has taught for 14 years, serving the last six years as director of her village’s infants school. A jealous coworker cursed Nyok, and she began to experience pain. When she prayed to accept Chri...