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Serving the persecuted church with practical and spiritual assistance and leading Christians in the free world into fellowship with persecuted believers.

PAKISTAN: The Case of Blasphemy Victim Asia Bibi

Friday 19 June marked the tragic six-year anniversary of the arrest of Asia Bibi (also known as Asia Noreen), a Christian mother and the only woman on death row for blasphemy. It started when Asia was working alongside a Muslim woman who refused to touch the ‘unclean’

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SRI LANKA: Pastor Threatened and Beaten

Two men abducted a Sri Lankan pastor on 24 May and threatened to kill him if he didn’t beg forgiveness for his Christian activities. They eventually took the pastor to a remote location, where they beat him and threatened to destroy his church. The pastor

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MEXICO: Village Authorities Cut Utilities to Protestants

Village leaders cut the water supply and sewage services to 30 Protestant families in Mariano Matamoros, Chiapas State on 14 June. Appeals for government intervention to protect the victims’ rights in the days preceding the action went unanswered.   Village leaders have indicated that the

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IRAQ: One Year since Islamic State Capture of Mosul

A year ago Islamic State (IS) captured the Mosul area and gave Christians three choices: convert to Islam, abandon their property and leave the city, or be killed. IS later attacked Christian villages and towns in surrounding areas of the Nineveh Plain, the ancestral home

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MIDDLE EAST: Christian Siblings Orphaned and Pursued

After ‘Ahmed’ and his family converted from Islam to Christianity, their Muslim relatives had Ahmed killed. A pastor took in Ahmed’s orphaned children and raised them with his family. Although it has been seven years since Ahmed’s murder, Muslim family members continue to harass and

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