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Serving the persecuted church with practical and spiritual assistance and leading Christians in the free world into fellowship with persecuted believers.

Light and Hope this Christmas

As the year draws to a close, December is usually the time we reflect on the things we accomplished throughout the year. However, whatever was achieved was only made possible because you partnered with us and gave so generously. On reviewing the work, we have

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PAKISTAN: Pray for Zafar

Our brother Zafar is facing the prospect of spending the rest of his life behind bars in Pakistan over false accusations of blasphemy. Zafar Bhatti, who is being held in Adyala Jail in Rawalpindi, was sentenced to life imprisonment in May, after he was accused

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LAOS: Praise God for the Release of Four Men

Four Christian men arrested over the past two months were recently released from jail. The first believer to be arrested, ‘Sanyahak’ (pictured) was detained in early October after 40 people came to know Christ through his witness. The three other men were later arrested, amid

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ALGERIA: Church Closed

A church in Algeria’s north-western town of Aïn Turk (15km from Oran city) has been closed down by local authorities. Affiliated to the Protestant Church of Algeria (known as EPA), the church was sealed off by police on 9 November. Authorities in Oran claimed the

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EGYPT: ISIS Renews Threat to Copts

A pro-Islamic State (ISIS) group media outlet has issued a new threat against Egypt’s Coptic Christians, saying they must be attacked as “infidel fighters” and their churches must be blown up. Twenty-eight Copts were killed in an attack for which ISIS claimed responsibility in which

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