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Serving the persecuted church with practical and spiritual assistance and leading Christians in the free world into fellowship with persecuted believers.

Is this Holistic Mission?

People need the Gospel, don’t they? More than anything else. We need to share the Good News with the lost and encourage believers with God’s Word. But what about when physical needs are more urgent; when a person needs help to survive before they’re in

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SUDAN: Church Leader Released

Christians rejoice at the news of the release of one Christian leader from prison in Khartoum, while another pastor who was arrested one week later remains in custody. Sudanese authorities released Telahoon ‘Telal’ Nogossi Kassa Rata on 10 May, according to sources close to the

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UZBEKISTAN: Pray for Tohar Haydarov

Uzbek Christian Tohar Haydarov learned recently that he will be required to serve all 10 years of his sentence without the possibility of parole. Tohar has been in prison since March 2010, when he was arrested on drug charges. His church members say the charges

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CHINA: Lawyer Yang Maodong in Critical Need

Yang Maodong (49) is a Christian human rights lawyer and religious liberty advocate in China. Yang was first arrested in 2006, tortured and sentenced to five years in prison. Released in 2011, Yang was rearrested in 2013 and sentenced in November 2015 to another six

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ALGERIA: Church Ordered to Close

On 24 April church leaders received a letter from the district authorities requiring their church to cease all religious activities on the grounds that they are in breach of a 2006 decree which regulates non-Muslim worship. This is the second time a church in this

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