BRUNEI: Compulsory Islamic Teaching in Schools

23 January 2024

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA, Borneo Bulletin, The Star

Brunei is a Muslim-majority nation under the rule of a dynastic sultan and Islamic law. Almost 80 percent of Bruneians are Sunni Muslims, and nearly all of the 9 percent who are Christians are ethnically Chinese. The government is the main persecutor of Christians.

On 1 November, Islamic religious teaching was officially integrated into the educational system of schools in Brunei. This requirement was issued due to a decree from the country’s sultan.

The newly mandated curriculum applies to all students from the second to fifth grades – whether they attend public or private school. It involves an hour of instruction each day, including the practice of Islamic prayers and the study of the Koran.

Christians in the country have requested prayer that their children will be effectively discipled at home and in the church, so their faith will continually strengthen and sustain them.


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    Pray for them

    Pray for guidance on behalf of Christian parents that they will continue raising their children in the ways of the Lord, teaching them to love and serve Him despite any opposition they may encounter.

    Pray that our Bruneian family in Christ receive divine wisdom, strength and boldness as they seek to faithfully share the gospel message with those around them.

    Commit to the Lord, pastors and evangelists in Brunei, pray for protection and that they will be faithful in their call to serve the Lord and His children in this highly restricted nation.

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