DRC: Ten Murdered in Latest Attack

06 June 2023

Source: International Christian Concern

Suspected terrorists killed ten people in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) last week, according to the Agency French Press.

“It all started around 8pm. We were surprised by the ADF [Allied Democratic Forces] while we were in our houses,” said village resident Socrates Mumbere.

An unknown number of people were also abducted during the attack. Mumbere said Congolese and Ugandan troops were stationed just three kilometres from the site of the attack.

“The toll is 10 dead, six men and four women,” he said. “We condemn these perpetual killings, we demand the security of our people,” Maleki said, adding that security forces had not reacted in time.

After decades of violent extremism, the ADF terror group formally affiliated itself with Islamic State in 2019. The group has continued to stage attacks on Christians in Eastern DRC, ceaselessly leaving behind a trail of unfathomable losses from killing innocent Congolese believers to destroying shelters, food stores, hospitals, and vehicles. They aim to impose Islamic rule on the Christian-majority nation.


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    Uphold in prayer the civilians caught up in the violence. Pray for those who are displaced, in mourning as well as those who are injured.

    Pray the believers will not seek retaliation, but instead be willing to forgive and intercede for the militants who perpetrated these heartless attacks.

    Ask God to convict those whose hearts are filled with hatred towards Christians to repent of their actions and turn to Christ

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