EGYPT: Family Forced to Flee

06 February 2024

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

Pastor Maged was planting a church in a rural part of Egypt when his family came under severe persecution. Repeatedly they fled, and repeatedly they were pressured.

Eventually, they were forced to live underground where raw sewage seeped into their basement living quarters. After some time, they relocated to another Arab nation where Pastor Maged is active in church leadership.

Front-line workers ask for prayer for his ministry. They also request prayer for his wife and newborn child, who has serious medical needs.

In Egypt, Christians who are outspoken about their faith are often beaten or imprisoned. When Christians are attacked or kidnapped by Muslims, the government rarely provides protection or assistance. Christian converts from Islam face the most problems, including being expelled from their families, being divorced by their Muslim spouses, losing their children and losing their jobs. Additionally, because their government-issued identity cards identify them as Muslim, it is difficult for them to attend church, to marry, to register their children in school, to get a job or to immigrate elsewhere.


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    Pray for them

    Pray for Pastor Maged and his family. Thank the Lord that he has provided them a home in another nation and ask the Lord to keep them safe as they continue to serve Him.

    Ask the Lord to richly bless the work of Pastor Maged’s ministry and to sustain his former church.

    Pray for healing for Pastor Maged’s newborn child. Pray that the Lord would help Pastor Maged and his wife to raise the child in the ways of the Lord.

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