GHANA: Young Man Disowned for Becoming a Christian

18 May 2023

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

Ghana is a majority-Christian nation, but animistic beliefs are practised in some areas.

As a boy, Noah was chosen by his father to take over as the family’s shaman (medium, sorcerer), responsible for carrying out occult rituals upon his father’s death.

Through the witness of Christian friends, Noah gave his life to Christ. When his father noticed Noah no longer worshipped idols, he forced him out of the house, and Noah had to survive on his own in the jungle for three days.

A Christian family eventually provided a place for him to live. Noah visited his father, who told him he would be disowned if he didn’t return to the family’s ways. Noah refused to deny his Christian faith and is no longer in contact with his family.

Front-line workers have been helping the teenager. Noah asks for prayers that his parents will also become followers of Christ.


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