IRAN: Christian Prisoner of Conscience Denied Medical Care

21 May 2024

Source: Article 18

Sixty-year-old Christian prisoner of conscience Mina Khajavi is reported to be struggling with pain and unable to access the medical care she requires inside Tehran’s Evin Prison. The Christian convert, who has arthritis and walks with a limp, is serving a six-year sentence for leading a house church.

She began her sentence in January, having been deemed to have sufficiently recovered after being run over by a car shortly before she was originally due to begin her sentence in mid-2022. Mina’s ankle was badly broken in the accident, and metal plates had to be fitted. Prior to her imprisonment, Mina had been scheduled to undergo an operation on her ankle, but she was not able to attend.

Now inside prison, Mina is still in pain but has not been provided with adequate care, according to sources. Mina has reportedly only been given occasional painkillers and no other treatment. She is said to find it particularly difficult to climb up to the second level of a bunk bed in her cell to sleep at night.

Mina was sentenced alongside fellow Christian convert Malihe Nazari, who also received a six-year sentence, and Iranian-Armenian pastor Joseph Shahbazian, who was given 10 years. However, both Joseph and Malihe are now out of prison, having had their sentences reduced after retrials. Mina is currently in the process of applying for a retrial in her own case, but any verdict will take time.

Mina was recently sponsored by a German politician, Gudrun Schittek, who demanded her “immediate release” and “the release of all prisoners in Iran who are imprisoned because of their religion…”. Several German politicians have sponsored Iranian prisoners, using their influence and reach to call for the release of those who are imprisoned for their faith.


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    Pray that God would strengthen and sustain Mina in her imprisonment. Pray also that she would receive the medical care she needs for her pain.

    Pray that God would be glorified as a spotlight is placed in Iran for its arbitrary imprisonment of believers for their faith, through prisoner sponsorship.

    Pray that God would be at work in Iran, and that more people would see the faith of the believers and come to know Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

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