NEPAL: From the Field

20 June 2023

Source: VOM Contacts

Eighty-four percent of Nepalis are Hindus. Families, communities, Marxist groups and Hindu groups pressure Christians, who also experience some government interference. Muslims and Buddhists also persecute Christians, especially in response to evangelism and conversions in rural areas.

One of our front-line workers has asked for prayer for some rural believers:

  • “My name is Sushila. I am married and have one son and a daughter. In our family, I am the only one who has accepted Christ as my Saviour. Because of my conversion, we are facing lots of persecution from our tribal people. People have stopped visiting us. It’s really hard for me to have Christian fellowship. Sometimes I attend church secretly. Please pray for me.”
  • “My name is Nirmala; I have three children. I lost my husband because we accepted Christ as our Saviour. My husband had a heart attack. I asked our neighbours to help me to take him to the hospital, but they refused because we are Christians. If my husband received medical treatment, he would still be alive. Even after he died no one visited us. I am broken. Please pray for me to be strong in Christ.”
  • “My name is Naru and my husband’s name is Kamal. We have two sons. After accepting Jesus as our saviour our neighbours won’t let us access water anymore. We now have to walk far to find it. They say it’s because we accepted a ‘cow-eating’ religion and that if we want water, we have to leave our God. How could I leave my Jesus? I cannot do that. I trust in the Lord that He will provide our needs because he loves us.”


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    Please pray for many opportunities for fellowship and encouragement from other Christians. Ask the Lord for His comforting presence and provision.

    Pray that the faithfulness of these Christians will be used by the Lord as a powerful witness in the community.

    Pray for those ministering to the unreached in remote and difficult-to-reach areas of Nepal.

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