PAKISTAN: Christian Boy Beaten for Alleged Blasphemy

10 October 2023

Source: Mission Network News, Farrukh Saif Foundation

A young Christian boy was recently badly beaten by his Muslim schoolteacher after he allegedly committed a blasphemous act in class. The incident, which took place in the Pakistani city of Khanewal, has raised concerns about the lack of religious tolerance and justice in the community.

On 7 September, the student was sitting in class with a workbook in front of him. Unable to properly read it, he fiddled with the book and ended up making some tears in its pages. When the teacher saw what he had done, the boy was severely beaten and accused of blasphemy because the book included verses from the Koran. The child was so badly injured during the beating that he ended up in hospital fighting for his life.

At last report, the boy was recuperating at home with his family. No further reports on his present condition, and the safety of this Christian family, have been provided. Regrettably, such incidents frequently result in social stigma, as well as physical dangers from potential mob violence. In addition, there have been no reports of any police action being taken against the abusive teacher.


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