PAKISTAN: Student Accused of Blasphemy

03 April 2024

Source: Morning Star News, Christian Today, Christian Daily, Church in Chains

Ashbeel Ghauri was recently arrested following accusations from a former classmate that he had allegedly disrespected Islam during a WhatsApp conversation.

According to Ashbeel’s father, Babar, the young Christian man had engaged in conversation several times with Sheraz Gulistan and other Muslims who attempted to convert him to Islam. Babar believes that Sheraz implicated Ashbeel after the young man refused to renounce his faith in Christ.

Police arrested the 18-year-old university student at his home in Attock, Punjab, on 6 March. Ashbeel was placed with other blasphemy suspects in a detention centre where he was locked in a small room. There he spent his time in prayer, reading the Bible and fasting. During his detainment, Ashbeel was reassured as he remembered the words of Joshua 1:5, in which God says, “Just as I was with Moses, so I will be with you. I will not leave you or forsake you” (ESV). His family also leaned on God for strength during that difficult time. “It’s a crucial time for my family, especially for Ashbeel,” his father Babar was able to testify. “But we know God will walk us through this test, and [Ashbeel] will emerge victorious in faith.”

Thankfully, during the bail hearing, the magistrate listened to the evidence that was presented and consequently released Ashbeel from custody on 14 March. Surety bonds were paid by a close friend of Babar. The friend, who is a Muslim, has since been threatened for assisting the Christian family. Babar has also expressed concerns about the security of his own family but says he remains hopeful that Ashbeel will soon be acquitted and granted the freedom to resume his studies.

In Pakistan, threats of violence against those accused of blasphemy are rampant. According to the Centre for Social Justice, which is based in Lahore, seven people were killed through vigilante violence in 2023 because of blasphemy accusations.


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    Pray for them

    Praise God that Ashbeel has been released on bail. Pray that all charges against this young man will be dropped.

    May God's protection rest upon Ashbeel and his family, as well as the friend who provided them with financial assistance.

    Prayerfully remember the many other Christians in Pakistan who are presently facing imprisonment, violence and even the threat of death because of blasphemy allegations, praying that the Lord would sustain them daily with His strength, wisdom and courage.

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    One response to “PAKISTAN: Student Accused of Blasphemy”

    1. Dee says:

      I pray for believers especially in Pakistan that they will not give in to fear but have confident trust in our Lord even in the midst of violence. Dear Lord I pray for You to provide spiritual support and guidance to believers who are facing ongoing opposition to the Bible in Jesus Name AMEN 🙏

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