SRI LANKA: Pastor’s Home, Church in Danger

15 February 2023

SRI LANKA Pastor’s Home, Church in Danger

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

When Pastor Ranjan of Naula, Sri Lanka, approached local authorities for a permit to build a worship place, they refused.

He then built an extension on his house to serve as a place of Christian worship.

Under the influence of local Buddhist monks, police and government officials have declared the space an illegal worship place.

They are threatening to seize and destroy not just the extension but Pastor Ranjan’s entire house.

Pastor Ranjan’s wife is experiencing medical problems and depression as a result of this persecution, and believers are reluctant to attend church because of government scrutiny.


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    Pray for them

    Pray for Pastor Ranjan, that he will be granted Godly strength and wisdom as he deals with the authorities. Pray the matter will soon be resolved.

    Pray the church will not give up meeting together but instead, that they will be unified through this opposition. Pray they will be used by God as witnesses for Christ.

    Uphold Pastor Ranjan’s wife; pray for courage, healing and solace.

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