VIETNAM: From the Field

16 April 2024

Source: VOM Contacts

Persecution of Christians in Vietnam frequently occurs in the highland areas. The government restricts religious freedom through legislation, registration requirements, and by harassing and intimidating unsanctioned religious groups. In some urban areas, religious activity is permitted within government-approved parameters. In rural areas, local authorities view Christianity as a foreign threat and often use discrimination, intimidation, property destruction, detentions, beatings and forced renunciations of faith to try to halt church growth.

Our front-line workers are once again asking for prayers for persecuted believers in Vietnam.

-Praise God for a recent outreach ministry that allowed front-line workers to share the gospel in a neighbouring province in Vietnam. Many heard the Good News and came to accept Christ.

-Among those who recently came to Christ was Tan. After being discipled, Tan led his family to faith and began sharing the gospel with his neighbours. Twelve new families came to Christ through Tan’s witness, and they began meeting weekly in his house for church. Local authorities quickly became aware, and the believers had to regularly change meeting places to avoid persecution. About 12 days ago, two officers came to Tan’s house. They attempted to entice him to renounce his faith through an aid programme for the poor, offering him twice the amount of aid if he rejected his Christian faith. Tan politely refused and the officers became angry. Four days ago, Tan was summoned by local authorities for interrogation. Holding him from morning to late afternoon Tan came home exhausted and did not say much. He told his wife that he was tired and went to bed. Early the next morning, at around 3:30am, his wife found him dead with blood coming from his nose and mouth. His body was also found with bruises. That same day police officers and thugs surrounded the village and prevented those attempting to attend his funeral. Those who tried were made to look from afar as their friend was buried. They were unable to approach his family. Tan leaves behind a wife and two children.

-Please also pray for another Christian brother. He was also summoned to the police station for interrogation. They attempted to force him and his wife to renounce their faith, but they remained resolute. After beating him, they drove the couple out of the village and took away their land. The couple is temporarily living with family.


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    Pray for them

    Ask for the Lord’s ministering presence to comfort the loved ones of Tam. Ask God to help them to come to terms with this tragedy. Praise God for the amazing impact Tam had for the kingdom.

    Pray for those believers who have been interrogated, threatened and have been harmed. Ask God to heal them and to help them overcome their ordeals. Pray they will be strengthened and provided for.

    Thank the Lord for our front-line workers. Pray for leading and protection as they seek to expand God’s kingdom and care for and encourage persecuted believers.

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