21 September 2023

Christmas Care Egypt

Packs were provided to 600 children. Each pack contained notebooks, pens, pencils, a pencil sharpener, erasers, pencil case, ruler, colouring pencils, towel, two pairs of cotton socks, toothbrush, toothpaste and a Bible.

“I and the other ministry team members could feel the presence of the Lord in the place and even the children could feel His presence and the prayer times in this distribution meeting were very touching. We could see how happy the children were and even their families because we were supporting their kids with these gifts in such difficult financial times.” Front-line worker in charge of distribution

I am happy that I am one of these children to receive the precious gift. My father couldn’t afford a new school bag for me this year and I prayed to God and told him that I needed one because my old bag was already damaged. Today, God answered my prayer, so I want to say to Him that I love Him for taking care of me!!” Nane, one of the boys who received a gift.

Christmas Care Egypt Maye

Christmas Care-related story from Egypt:
Maye is 12 years old; she is living in one of the outskirt villages in Alexandria. They do not have a church in their village and no Christian ministries are serving the people in her village.

Her father treated her poorly; beating her whenever she committed even the smallest of mistakes. Maye was fearful of him.

Maye was a beneficiary of a Christmas Care pack in 2022. At the time of the distribution, the leader announced to the children what their bags included, he went on to say that the most precious gift in the bag was the Bible, which can change a person’s heart completely, if it’s read every day. Maye became excited by this gift that could change a person’s heart. She decided to give the Bible as a gift to her father.

Once home, her father asked her what she had received, she replied, “Nice things like, a school bag and stationery. But the church leaders sent a gift for you too.” Then she gave him the Bible. She suggested they read the Bible together every day. Her father agreed.

In time, her father accepted an invitation from the church leaders to attend a revival meeting, where he gave his life to Christ.

This one copy of the Bible included in a Christmas Care pack led to Maye’s father discovering Jesus, and an improvement in his relationship with his daughter.

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