21 September 2023

Christmas Care India

Christmas care packs were distributed to 216 tribal children in three different areas. Packs included a Bible or storybook, teddy bear, water bottle, sweets, calculator, pencil pack, sharpener, colouring box, eraser and pen pack, plus a 10kg bag of rice.

The Christmas care package given to me on 24 December was very precious to me. No one ever gave me a gift like this. I like Jesus, and how he loves people. I will attend Sunday school hereafter and pray for my family.” Pavithra pack recipient

“I come from the Gypsy Banjara tribe and from a very poor background we don’t have proper food to eat. The pastor came to our place and gave a pack to me. I’m so happy to receive toys, Bible, story books and other stationery items and food items. I have never seen toys and nice pens before, so it was a great blessing for me to receive this pack. Kindly continue to pray for me.” Jatawar, pack recipient

“Receiving new school bags and school essentials was greatly appreciated by the parents as they could not afford to buy them. Some of these children are too shy and embarrassed to go to school because they would not have a bag, school supplies etc but the Christmas Care project has given new hope and inspiration to these children for the new school year. Covid took a lot of joy away from these children and receiving a gift pack and especially a Bible Storybook made them so happy.” Front-line worker in charge of distribution

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