INDONESIA: From the Field

15 March 2023

INDONESIA From the Field(2)
Source: VOM Contacts

Our contacts in Indonesia have requested prayer for Ahmad and his family.

Ahmad is a former Muslim but once he came to Christ, he had the heart to share the gospel. The Lord has blessed his efforts and more than 300 families have come to Christ through his ministry. Many have gone on to become evangelists also.

Recently, one of our key front-line workers encouraged him to go to a new area to evangelise, after receiving additional, lengthy training.

In this new tribal area, he shared the gospel and distributed many New Testaments.

One day a Muslim filmed Ahmad sharing the gospel, and the video was posted online. As a result, Ahmad was summoned before the local authorities three times to be questioned. His children have been severely bullied by local residents, and students at their school.

The VOM front-line worker has removed Ahmad and his family from the area. They are now living in a VOM-sponsored safe house until it is safe to leave and relocate. He wishes to continue in ministry.

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    Pray for them

    Please pray for Ahmad and his family, that they would be strengthened and spurred on to continue living faithfully for Christ. Pray for their protection.

    Praise God for the way He is at work through Ahmad, ask for more opportunities for him to share the gospel. Ask the Lord to grow the faith of those who have heard the Good News through Ahmad.

    Pray for the efforts of VOM-supported front-line workers throughout Indonesia, who are sharing the Gospel at great risk.

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