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11 May 2023

This time we distributed Bible Plus packs in Darya Khan, Sialkot, Dingerwali, Kot, and surrounding areas. Packs were given to those who were living among Muslims and were suffering from being Christians. Buying a Bible for these people is not just costly but very difficult. They have to travel a long way, which costs them a lot more than the price of a Bible. Packs included a Bible, fruit drink, soap, sanitiser, toothpaste, toothbrush, towel, and masks (pack of 50).

Angelica 16, and her family are so grateful for receiving a Bibles Plus pack. After her father’s death, she started working at the football stitching factory, despite the fact she is the elder sister of three brothers. Factory workers are forced to work thirteen or fourteen hours a day. After her father’s death, she is the only breadwinner. They are already in a financial crisis because they had spent a huge amount on their father’s treatment.

She said: “I am happy to receive this pack and especially the Bible which can guide me through to help my family, I can get courage and strength from the Word of God. I needed this.”
Front-line worker

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