Day of the Christian Martyr: Christians Persecuted in Mosul Iraq (2014)

01 June 2024

In the summer of 2014, militants from the self-proclaimed Islamic State (ISIS) advanced across Syria and northern Iraq. As they entered each village, they marked Christians’ homes and businesses with the Arabic letter “N,” or ن, for “Nazarene.”

This symbol served to identify and threaten Christians, who then had a difficult decision to make: Convert to Islam, leave the area or be killed.

More than 100,000 Christians were forced to flee in the stifling heat. Most escaped with only the clothes on their backs, and many died on the road or were taken by ISIS.

Separated from their loved ones, these bold Christians refused to deny Christ. They were willing to give everything for the Saviour who had given his life for them.

May we be inspired by their examples, confidently proclaiming Christ at any cost.

Watch the preview video below:

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