John Chau (17 November 2018)

31 May 2024

John Allen Chau spent almost a decade preparing to bring the gospel to the Sentinelese, an isolated tribe on North Sentinel Island. His dedication began at age 17 and included extensive physical, linguistic, and medical training. Despite knowing the risks, he remained committed to his mission, focusing all his efforts on reaching this uncontacted people group.

In November 2018, at age 26, John attempted to make contact with the Sentinelese but was killed shortly after his arrival. His death drew global media attention and sparked controversy, with many criticizing his efforts as reckless and ill-prepared. However, those who knew him described him as one of the most prepared and intentional missionaries they had ever met.

John’s journey was marked by intense preparation, including cold showers, linguistic courses, medical training, and a deep spiritual commitment. His dedication was evident in every aspect of his life, from his mission work in Tulsa to his involvement in a soccer ministry for immigrants.

Despite the backlash after his death, John’s story highlights his unwavering faith and commitment to sharing the gospel, even at the cost of his own life.

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