INDIA: Yesu Dasu

11 September 2023


On this day in 2000, Yesu Dasu was axed to death by a radical Hindu group in India. Yesu Dasu, the 52-year-old preacher, put love into action by befriending India’s dalits, the so-called “untouchables”. The dalits are the lowest caste in the Hindu culture, and are ostracised from society. Rather than treat them like outcasts, Yesu sought to help them and restore their dignity. Yesu not only preached the truth of Christ, but he also put his faith into action.

Despite being warned by a radical Hindu group not to preach, he continued to live out God’s calling on him to touch the untouchables. On the night of 11 September 2000, Yesu was having dinner with his wife and children when two men pounded on the door. “Open up!” They shouted. “There is someone who wants to speak to you, and you must come with us now.” The next morning, Yesu still hadn’t come home. His wife and children began looking for him in their village. One of their neighbours brought the news: “He’s dead.” Yesu was found on the outskirts of town with his head and other parts severed from his body.

Yesu Dasu demonstrated God’s love to those around him without regard for his own well-being. Through his life and work, many have come to know the truth and now spend their lives ministering to others.

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