MYANMAR: Bringing Aid to the Family of a Martyr

21 February 2023

Many believers are persecuted for their faith in Myanmar and violence against Christians has been orchestrated by authorities.

Pastor Nay dedicated his life to serving his community as a pastor.

As part of the violent coup, the military burnt more than 160 houses and three church buildings in the Thantalang area. Despite the danger and chaos, Pastor Nay bravely rushed to help the victims during the attack.

Tragically, his bravery was met with violence on 18 September 2021 as he was targeted by the military and shot to death on the street. In a cruel act of brutality, the soldiers even went as far as to cut off his ring finger and steal his wedding ring.

Now, his family, are trying to make a new life for themselves in another town. They are renting a house and doing their best to continue their lives and honour Pastor Nay’s good work within the church community.

Thanks to the help of our supporters, the family have been able to pay for daily necessities, rent and a motorbike. They have also been able to continue God’s good work through outreach in refugee camps, distributing 200 Bibles that they were able to purchase with the funds provided by VOM.

“I am Pastor Nay’s wife. Because of your help, my family could survive our life without my husband and the children’s father. I am very thankful to you for your kind support. I will never forget it, all my life. God bless all of you, God bless the VOM family. After my husband was martyred, I delivered my daughter Susanna in the refugee camp as we had no place to live, but now we could live in a house because of your assistance.”

Pastor Nay’s wife has three children, two boys and one girl, named Samuel, Kenneth, and Susanna.

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