PAKISTAN: Christians Seek Global Prayers for Protection Amid Sweden Koran Burning

13 July 2023

Source: CLAAS-UK

The Christian community is facing increasing threats and tension in the wake of the Koran desecration in Sweden.

While numerous Islamic groups are continuing to protest against the desecration of the Koran, the banned extremist group, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ), has issued threats of violent retribution against Pakistani Christians. This includes planned attacks on churches and the initiation of suicide bombings. Their spokesperson, Naseer Raisani, has chillingly stated, “no church or a Christian will remain safe in Pakistan”.

LeJ is an extremist group known for its violent activities. Christians have been targeted in such attacks in the past, with no individuals ever brought to justice.

Despite the severity of this situation, there has been a disquieting lack of response or comment from the Pakistani government or its agencies. Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, on 4 July at the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, expressed his concern about religious minorities in India, seemingly unaware of the plight of minorities within his own country.

Pakistani church and lay leaders have publicly and unequivocally condemned the desecration of the Koran in Sweden, demonstrating their commitment to peaceful coexistence and respect for all faiths. Regrettably, the Christian community in Pakistan now finds itself living in fear due to the threats issued by LeJ.

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