Pastor Jimendra Nayak India (1 January 2006)

31 December 2023

Seeking prayers on the remembrance day of Pastor Jimendra Nayak. At thirty-five, Pastor Nayak faced constant threats for spreading the gospel to his Hindu neighbours. Leading the Indian Church Assembly in the village of Baliguda, Kandhamal district, he fearlessly preached God’s Word, drawing the ire of radical Hindus who sought to silence him. Yet, Nayak’s love for Christ propelled him to persist in reaching out to his adversaries.

His dedication led him to the Beradakia church for a New Year’s Day service, where he passionately preached to deepen his community’s relationship with God. Unbeknownst to him, this would be his final sermon. After the service, as evening descended, Nayak hired an auto rickshaw taxi to return home. Tragically, he never arrived, and his lifeless body was later found in the rickshaw’s cabin, seemingly succumbing to a severe blow to the head.

While the police insisted on attributing Nayak’s death to a bizarre automobile accident, a deeper investigation reveals discrepancies hinting at a more sinister narrative—suggesting premeditated murder by those opposed to his message. Nayak, driven by an intense desire for God’s Kingdom, relentlessly advanced its cause. His race is now run, and others must carry the torch, illuminating the gospel’s light for the lost in Nayak’s community.

As we remember Pastor Nayak, let’s join in prayer, seeking comfort for his loved ones and asking for divine protection over those continuing the vital work of spreading God’s love in the face of adversity. 

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