Remembering Martyrs: Dulal Sarkar, Bangladesh

06 March 2023

Remembering Martyrs Dulal Sarkar, Bangladesh

The story of Dulal Sarkar is an inspiration for the sacrifice that many Christians around the world make in order to spread the message of Christ

As a lay pastor and evangelist with the Bangladesh Free Baptist Church, Sarkar was committed to spreading the Word of God and bringing people to Christ. He not only cared for his own church but also had the desire to plant churches in other areas and minister to different communities in Bangladesh.

On 8 March 2005, Sarkar’s dedication to his faith and his ministry cost him his life. He was surrounded and threatened by ten Muslim extremists who demanded that he stop preaching or face death. But Sarkar refused to back down, and instead stood firm in his faith and commitment to spreading the message of Christ. He paid the ultimate price for his courage and conviction, as the attackers brutally murdered him by cutting his throat.

Despite the tragedy of Sarkar’s death, his legacy lives on. His wife Aruna filed a police report and worked to bring the attackers to justice, and local Christians reported that seven of the attackers had connections to a political party and attempted to bribe the police to release their friends from custody. Even in death, Sarkar’s faithfulness and commitment to his ministry inspired others to stand up for what they believed in and fight against injustice.

Sarkar’s story is a reminder of the sacrifices that many Christians around the world make in order to spread the message of Christ. In many parts of the world, Christians face persecution, violence, and even death for their faith. But their commitment to Christ and their desire to share His love with others remains unwavering.

As we reflect on Dulal Sarkar’s life and death, let us remember the importance of standing firm in our faith and convictions, even in the face of persecution and opposition. Let us also pray for Christians around the world who face persecution and violence, that they may be strengthened and encouraged in their faith, and that justice may be served for those who have been wronged

To learn how you can pray for persecuted believers in Bangladesh, click here.

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