Stones of Remembrance

01 July 2024

God works miracles every day. It is a miracle to hear the Word of God, to arise in the morning to see the sun, to see your dear ones. But we take many of these things for granted. We forget that every minute of our life is a miracle, a gift from God. God wants us to see miracles.

As the children of Israel were about to enter the land of promise after their 40-year wilderness journey, which was filled with God’s miraculous provision, God said to Joshua, “Take for yourselves twelve stones from here, out of the midst of the Jordan … and leave them in the lodging place where you lodge tonight” (Joshua 4:3).

God wants us to see the stones of remembrance and remember His miracles (Joshua 4:6–7).

I once met a Christian lady who was exiled to Siberia with her five children for 12 years. Siberia is cold, and it was very hard for her to find bread for her children. One morning when she had nothing for them to eat, she sat near her children and told them about the prophet Elijah, who was fed by ravens (1 Kings 17:1–7).

Then she said, “Now I go. I don’t know where, but I go. Pray that God may give us something to eat today.” She left in the cold to look for some bread.

In the meantime, the children talked more about the prophet Elijah. “There were some birds who brought bread and flesh,” they said. “Let us open the door. Perhaps God will send some birds to bring us a little bit of bread today.”

Despite the cold, the children opened the door, waiting for the birds. When a passerby saw the door open to the cold, he entered and asked the children, “Where is your mother? Why do you have the door open when it is so cold?”

Crying, the children told him, “We didn’t eat yesterday, and we have nothing today. Mummy told us about the birds, so we opened the door, waiting for God to send in the birds.”

Hearing about the miracle that God had done for Elijah, the man, who was not a Christian, said, “Children, I am the bird sent by God. I will take care of you.” He cared for this family every day. The stone of remembrance (the story of Elijah) that the children had heard from their mother ultimately saved their lives and saved the soul of this man, who later became a Christian.

Stones of remembrance are declarations of God’s miracles that should prompt us and others to give Him praise. Standing before you as a living stone, I witness before heaven and earth that in the darkest days of my imprisonment, Jesus was there as a faithful friend, a great helper, a light in the darkness, a most wonderful Lord. Don’t be afraid of your problems. Don’t be afraid of the world, because our Lord is greater. Bring your problems before Him, and you will see His mighty arm. Trust in Him, love Him, give Him praise, and tell those who are near you about His wonderful miracles in the lives of those who love Him.

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