NIGERIA: Jihadists on Motorcycles Kidnap 110

28 November 2023

Source: International Christian Concern

Gunmen abducted more than 100 people from the Mutunji community in Zamfara State in northwest Nigeria on the weekend for not paying a ‘tax’ imposed by the bandits. A leader in the community was also killed, according to locals.

The bandit’s leader, Damana, sent a ransom letter to the community demanding 110 million naira (about $205,000). He also threatened to abduct more people if the ransom wasn’t paid. Neighbouring communities were also sent a threatening note.

A Christian Leader from Zamfara State said the shooters targeted Christians, and that 72 members of his church were abducted. He said that dozens of attackers came on motorcycles shouting Allah Akbar [Allah is great] and abducted senior citizens from Mutunji villages and neighbouring communities.

Locals said the attacks began Friday and continued through to Monday, yet police or soldiers did not respond — despite military and police checkpoints in the village. Survivors are hiding in the bush, and police have yet to respond. Villagers cry out for the government to protect them. The village is made up of Muslims and Christians, but bandits with ties to radical factions of Islam want to eradicate Christians.

Gata Moses, a Christian rights activist in the city of Jos, accused the Zamfara government of keeping silent and being complicit in the attacks. Gata said that the gunmen were the same jihadists carrying out attacks against Christians in Borno, Maiduguri, Yobe, and Taraba. Some are Fulani militants killing Christians in Plateau, Benue, and Southern Kaduna.

Moses said Christians are persecuted for the sake of Christ, and that Nigeria’s leaders must uphold Nigeria’s constitution that supports freedom of religion.


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    Please pray for the Mutunji community in Zamfara State and Christians from other northern Christian communities in Nigeria.

    Ask the Lord to mercifully release the captives. Pray for wisdom and favour for those who are negotiating with those responsible on behalf of the victims.

    Ask the Lord to frustrate the plans for those who are perpetrating this violent and destructive practice of kidnapping and ransom. Pray their plans will be thwarted.

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