VIETNAM: From the Field; Pray for a Family and a Church in Mourning

25 July 2023

Source: VOM contacts

Around two years ago, Tuan, a Christian widow, opened her home for worship gatherings. The group started with six families but over time the numbers increased, and a second house church was planted. Tuan was involved in overseeing both churches and was well-known in the community for her ministry work and faithful witness to the gospel. As a consequence, she was frequently threatened by local thugs who attempted to intimidate her into stopping her ministry.

Last Friday afternoon, as she was visiting some church members, she was threatened again by a group of five men, led by a local known criminal who had threatened her many times before. That same evening as she travelled home alone, the group brutally attacked her, then fled when they noticed some neighbours passing by. Tuan was found unconscious and was rushed to hospital, but she died on the way.

One of our front-line workers reported the incident to the police however, he is not optimistic that the police will make any arrests, as the attacks serve the local authority’s agenda to stifle the spread of the gospel in the area.

Voice of the Martyrs, Australia has sent funds to cover the funeral costs. Our front-line workers have asked for prayer for her family and the churches.


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    Pray for them

    Please pray for Tuan’s two sons and their families, especially for the 14-year-old granddaughter who was living with Tuan.

    Pray that God would soon raise up others who will care for these two house churches.

    Pray for our front-line workers as they encourage and minister to persecuted believers in rural areas of Vietnam, where persecution can be particularly harsh.

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    One response to “VIETNAM: From the Field; Pray for a Family and a Church in Mourning”

    1. K and F says:

      Yeshua how tragic is this story. Yet another believer beaten to death for simply being your disciple. Lord please be there for Tuan’s family as they deal with their grief from losing her in such a horrendous way. Lord raise up the leaders you want to continue Tuan’s work in the church. Please protect all christians in Vietnam against persecution. Lord also protect the front line workers who minister to these believers. In your precious name we pray .

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