NEPAL: Prayer Request from the Field

15 February 2023

NEPAL Prayer Request from the Field
Source: VOM contact

Please pray for Pastor Prem, doing ministry in a remote part of Nepal, in a tribe that is very devoted to Buddhism.

Pastor Prem is not only a Christian but is considered to be low caste, for this reason, he and his family have faced considerable persecution.

They have been ostracised by their neighbours and have not been allowed to participate in community functions, including weddings and funerals.

When sharing the gospel, they have been shouted down and even physically attacked. At times, Pastor Prem and his family have felt very isolated.

For 21 years Pastor Prem has been praying for this tribe. Recently, one lady put her trust in Christ.

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    Pray for them

    Thank the Lord for the enduring faithfulness of Pastor Prem and his family.

    Pray for a harvest!

    Pray for the VOM front-line worker, Pastor Arun who is encouraging Pastor Prem in his work.

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