VIETNAM: From the Field

01 March 2023

VIETNAM: From the Field
Source: VOM contacts

About a month ago, Nga, 42 heard the gospel and accepted Christ.

She was the first to respond in her entire village. She had been struck by the way some visiting Christians had conducted themselves in love and kindness. Even more compelling, when the Christians prayed for Nga, she received healing for an illness she had struggled with for some time.

Though Nga accepted Christ, her husband, Vu refused. When the local authorities discovered she had left the traditional religion of Buddhism and ancestor worship for Christianity, they tried to convince Vu to force Nga to renounce her new faith. When she refused to be persuaded, the authorities informed Vu that the family (who reside in a poor, rural area) would be denied any future government aid they would be entitled to.

Vu became furious with this development, he beat Nga so badly, she had to be admitted to hospital. Tragically, Nga died soon after. Vu then left the area.

Nga leaves behind four children, who range in age from eight to fourteen years. At the funeral service, Vu sent word that the children would be sent to a government orphanage.

Vu has not been charged and the local authorities have shown no interest in investigating the matter.

A VOM-supported front-line worker and his wife have offered to adopt the youngest two children, they also intend to assist the older children. VOM Australia has provided funds to assist.

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    Please pray for the children and Nga’s extended family. Ask the Lord for His comforting presence to assist them to come to terms with this tragedy.

    Pray too that the children will receive love, kindness, and practical support from the church. Thank the Lord for the couple who are willing to care for them.

    Pray for justice for this family. Pray too for Vu, that he may be moved to repentance.

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