UKRAINE: Front Line Ministry Appeal

06 March 2023

The situation in Ukraine is deteriorating.

The Russians in the occupied areas are demanding there be no Christianity! Any pastor or leader with a following is on a hit list. Church buildings are being confiscated and Christians receive harsher treatment at Russian military checkpoints.

Pastors who have stayed in Ukraine are being targeted, arrested and even tortured for preaching the gospel.

In the midst of this, we are hearing that the church is growing, with many people coming to faith in Christ.

Front-line workers in Ukraine need our assistance, prayers and support. We have launched an appeal to assist these workers in the Russian-occupied regions with spiritual and practical means so they can continue to serve the body of Christ in this harsh environment.

Let us continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ and support them in whatever way we can.


Join us help our fellow Christians get through these challenges and hardships in Ukraine.


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