EGYPT: From the Field – Medical Clinic Outreach Story

09 March 2023

EGYPT From the Field – Medical Clinic Outreach Story

Annually, Voice of the Martyrs supports five mobile medical clinics that travel to villages in Upper Egypt.

These multidisciplinary clinics provide practical medical support for individuals in need and are also used by the Lord as an outreach to Muslims in the area. Medical specialists from fields such as paediatrics, dermatology, gynaecology, ophthalmology and ENT specialists are present, and individuals can access treatment for infectious diseases and surgery.

As the mobile clinics visit each village, they also make ministry visits to houses in the area, distributing Bibles, Christian books and CDs, and hosting prayer meetings in the evening.

Mona’s Story
One of the medical clinic leaders met a thirty-five-year-old veiled lady named Mona who was crying because she said, “I’m under pressure and something strange happened to me that I don’t understand. But you Christians are very good people, and you are always very close to Allah!” The clinic leader invited Mona to talk with her and listened as she shared the story of her life and her encounter with the mobile medical clinic.

Mona recounts: “I used to work as a kindergarten teacher before marriage and met a man who worked as a vehicle welder who was well-off but uneducated. We got married but he was always fighting with me because I was higher than him educationally and he always left me feeling small. We have two children, a daughter who is now eight years old and a son who is two years old.

“Nine months ago, however, my husband divorced me after a big fight and threw me in the street with my two kids. I have no siblings and my father and mother died when I was a child. My only family was my uncle who is an old and poor man. I went to him, and he welcomed us, but he said to me, ‘Welcome, my daughter, come live with me but you should know that I don’t have enough money to support all of us.’ So, I looked for work everywhere and couldn’t find a suitable job to help me be with my children and work at the same time, and this was very difficult for me.

“About 20 days ago, my son was very sick, so I took him to the hospital, and they treated him and gave him medicine, but my son’s health continued to deteriorate, and he was not recovering. My neighbours advised me to go to a doctor in a clinic and when I asked about the costs, I found out that the cost of the medical examination was very expensive, and I could not afford it. My son kept struggling with the disease day after day and I felt like I was inevitably going to lose my son! All night long I was sitting next to my sick son and praying to Allah and saying to him ‘Oh, have mercy on my son, save my son and do not allow him to die. Do something please!’ Today, during the Muslim dawn call to prayer, I looked up at the sky from the window of the house and said, ‘Lord, if you truly exist, and for the sake of all your prophets and apostles, heal my son or send me a solution’.”

“An hour later, one of the neighbours visited me and asked me if my son had recovered and I replied no, my son was dying. She then told me that there were Christian people working in a medical clinic at a place in our village and they were saying that they have very good and clever doctors and distributing treatment for free. Go and see, maybe God will heal your son there.

“I went to the medical clinic and one of your doctors examined my sick son and gave me treatment for him. Within a few days, my son was healed completely, and I asked Allah ‘Why did you heal my son through a Christian doctor? What do you want to say to me?’ So now I have come today to speak to you and find out why you have come to our village to help and heal us when you are Christians, and we are Muslims.”

The medical team leader shared the Good News and story of God’s love with Mona and discussed what God has done for us. The team leader was able to share the news of grace and that God’s love is a gift accessible to all. We believe that the Lord is using our medical mobile clinics for those who are living in the dark to come to the light and give their lives to Him.

Please pray for Mona who is very close to accepting Jesus in her heart. Please also pray for her family for continued health and for support to find income for a means for daily living. The medical mobile clinics provide practical support to families but also provide staff the opportunity to share God’s love with individuals in the local villages of Egypt. Please pray for the medical clinic team that God may continue to use them to share his love and light to the communities in Upper Egypt.

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